Faculty of Design
Fashion Design

The Head of the Direction: Maka Bakhtadze, Associate Professor

Taking into account the dynamics of culture, the fashion design may be considered as some type of communication. In contrast to painting and architecture, fashion design as an art branch is a synthetic art. Fashion design implies visual and technical aspects of style and manner of dressing.
The Fashion Design is one of the important directions of the Faculty of Design. Its aim is to train highly skilled specialists in the fields of knitwear and creative textile, costumes, leather goods, shoes and accessories. The specialists should be able to create separate as well as combined collections using different specific technologies.

At all the four specialties (BA) of the Fashion Design students acquire knowledge based on:
the skill to put an artwork in historical, cultural and stylistic context;
the skill of creative thinking;
the knowledge of fashion design history;
the knowledge of design principles;
the knowledge of necessary technologies for fashion design;
the knowledge of influence of design elements (color, texture, cut) on esthetic and practical functions of three-dimensional forms;
the skill to implement work (including preparation of a portfolio) starting with an idea until the complete product;
the skill to create a design for different markets, based on the knowledge of the market;
the skill to duly grasp and react on tendencies existing in the fashion design.
The aim of the Master’s degree program is to prepare fashion designers and researchers of this field. The program is based on the rich national traditions of Georgian costumes, takes into account modern technical-technological requirements of the specialty and gives the graduates necessary knowledge in order to create combined collections for exclusive as well as for mass production.
During the teaching process students will study principles and rules of merchandising, implying knowledge of basics of marketing and branding, organizing commercial space and principles of commercial equipment.
Applicants for baccalaureate should pass national exams and a qualifying round. To continue study at Master’s degree program it is necessary to pass internal exams (composition) and a foreign language (level B 2).
Today most of the graduates of this direction work independently in fashion design educational and creative laboratories and small-scale enterprises, the media and show-business, cinema and theater, and in high art schools as teachers. The graduates may along with their specialty work as
merchandisers, analysts of product market study, quality specialists in shops, fashion salons, trading networks, special showcases, show-rooms, etc.
The Direction of Fashion Designs actively collaborates with Tbilisi Fashion Week, the Goethe Institute, British Council, BE NEXT. The students and graduates successfully participate in international projects and competitions, masterclasses and workshops.

The Direction of Fashion Design comprises four specialties:

Costume design

Knitwear design

Leather goods design

Costume and fabric design