Faculty of Design
Artistic Glass

The Head of the Direction: Tamar Grigolia, Associate Professor

In 1961, on the basis of the Chair of Ceramics, a glass-plastic section was established. In 1967 the specialty of artistic processing of glass joined the Chair of Ceramics and was named the Faculty of Ceramics. Since 2005 this specialty has been operating as an independent direction included in the Faculty of Design. Glass as a material is no longer considered as a separate unit. Its synthesis with various materials (metal, clay, etc.) is quite complicated technological process. It is just the inter-appliance of diverse materials gave glass its unique nuance. That’s why it is widely used in architecture, in exteriors and interiors. By means of contemporary glass techniques and technologies, a new visual reality is being created in the existing reality. The policy and strategy of the development of the field seen from this angle are represented in programs of the Direction of Glass. These programs are provided with the professional staff and bases equipped in a modern way.