Faculty of Media Art

The Head of the Direction: George Javelidze, Associate Professor 

The aim of the Specialty of Photography is to study photography within a higher education framework and form the students as professionals with strong practical and theoretical knowledge. Within the Bachelor’s four-year program the first and second years of the studies envisage students’ technical preparation, acquisition of general professional skills and theoretical knowledge. The second part of the studies is oriented towards solution of tasks outlined individually by students and presentation of their personal art pieces in projects of international formats.
In spite of the fact that the specialty of photography is quite an innovation compared to more traditional fields of the Academy, it should be noted that graduates and students of this specialty have achieved success in Georgia, as well as abroad. This is proved by high quality diploma works created by them. International workshops and masterclasses are conducted during the study process. Students have opportunity to make contacts with universities and academies of various countries and to work on joint projects, familiarize themselves with processes taking place in the world artistic space and be formed as successful professionals.