Faculty of Visual Art

The Head of the Direction: Tamaz Varvaridze, Full Professor of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

The Faculty of Graphics was established at the time the Academy of Arts was founded. The graphic arts specialty with its rich traditions and history is a multifunctional structural unit.

Technical and formal criteria in visual arts are not sufficient to determine genre boundaries of graphic arts. Any attempt to classify it in the context of modern art is incomplete, as it constantly alters and becomes diverse.
Methods of teaching are based on traditional experience, as well as introduction of new technologies of modern art. This direction prepares graphic artists trained on a professional level according to selected priority branches.

The Direction of Graphics comprises five studios:

Easel Graphics Studio: The students gain knowledge in easel compositions, as well as become proficient in all the methods and techniques (etching, lithography, linocut, xylography, mixed technique, etc.) necessary for modern easel graphics. The students create compositions also in digital programs.
During the teaching process great importance is given to the development of individual vision of a composition, technological improvement. Skills of practical work and analysis are strongly emphasized.

Book Design and Illustration Studio: in the studio students learn the principles of book creation and illustration, become familiar with relevant technological processes. They study architectonics (layout) of a book; acquaint with the technology of selection of typographical fonts, paper quality, a book cover.
Besides designing a book, students work on general easel compositions, in the laboratory of graphics technologies they learn different types of graphics and engraving (etching, lithography, linocut, xylography, computer, etc.) that in future will help them to illustrate

The Poster Design Studio: In the studio the priority is given to the development of creative thinking, which plays an important role in the process of constructing a poster. Students acquire rational thinking and original approach to the topic. They learn to transmit information in associative way, with metaphors, after which the poster is originated as a piece of art and not as a poster-information. Students are given the opportunity to learn the latest computer technologies. In the laboratory of graphics technologies they learn the different types of graphics and engraving.

Advertising Graphics Studio: The studio provides a master's degree program, prepares high skilled professional graphic design artists. Teaching methods involve not only previously defined norms, but also more profound processes, such as creating intellectual space; setting and solving individual tasks; deepening and developing critical analysis; experimenting; improving the use of digital technologies; using elements of advertising information, fonts and photo material in the advertising graphics; getting higher professional education, etc. The Advertising Graphics Studio actively cooperates with advertising agencies and publishing houses.

Animation Studio: The Studio was established in 1983 at the Direction of Graphics of the Faculty of Visual Arts. During about 30 years lots of short animation films have been created. Many of them have been presented at international festivals and have been awarded prizes.
Animation studio prepares art directors of animated films, who will be able to create animated films along with directors using different technologies and shooting techniques that includes almost all types existing today: drawing, puppet, plasticine, sand animation, etc. In 2008 the studio created animated film fulfilled by means of oil colors on glass.
In the studio students acquire professional skills, study a complete course of animation that includes learning of multiplication required for revival of classical pictures, as well as personages of a film or things and objects by different modern methods.
There are also laboratories of graphics technology, and paper technology.