Faculty of Visual Art
Drawing (optional service)

The Head of the Direction: Gogi Lazarashvili, Full Professor of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Preservation of traditions of teaching of classical drawing, as well as its update in accordance with the requirements of the time, is one of the priorities of the Academy. It is a subsidiary subject for the faculties and directions. While teaching drawing, special attention is drawn to constructing, as well as all other components of drawing: composition, form, line, plastics, spatial volumetric thinking, perspective, tonal solution, the manner of fulfillment, etc. It is especially important to establish constructive thinking, apply different materials (graphic pencil, charcoal, sanguine, sauce, sepia, etc.)
The educational program of the Drawing Direction is made up in accordance with the specific requirements of the directions and faculties of the Academy of Arts. For the Direction of Sculpture it is important to develop distinct spatial volumetric thinking, where great attention is given to organic representation of an object in space; form of plastics, foreshortening, relief modeling, development of a sense of volume, methods of their representation. In the Direction of Painting – establishing planar-spatial thinking, a deeper sense of plane in space, conveyance of forms by soft tonal transitions. More importance is attached to the background, the whole picture plane, perception of compositional integrity. In the Direction of Graphics to the foreground comes line, hachure, manner of performance. Drawing is one of the main images of graphics, its main means of expression. In the Direction of Architecture it is needed to develop a relatively rigid constructional and spatial thinking; structural and constructional analysis of any object, compositional variations of different geometric volumetric objects, as well as structural variations of different objects in space. In the Direction of Design while learning different branches more attention is paid to the specificity, visual art tools of a design drawing: for example, in modeling focus is made on plasticity means of line, etc.